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S.a.m. Beleaf established in January 2011, represents the ecological face of its mother company S.a.m. Tout Bois ( In fact, after 60 years of specialized work into high quality veneer and wood products, four years ago S.a.m. Tout Bois spotted a new world of sustainable, recyclable and ecological products in this field.
S.a.m. Beleaf is the natural development of this trend.

Its name has already been registered in 37 countries throughout the world. Following the same criteria which led S.a.m. Tout Bois to become one of the leader companies in wood and veneer industry, S.a.m. Beleaf will surely have a bright future providing ecological and sustainable solutions to all the needs of different industries (boats, cars, panels, flooring, furniture and design) which today are using wood veneers and panels.

The founders of the Company, Mario and Marco Cassin, father and son, are witnessing an experience of 4th generation, since 1916, in this industry.

The co-founders

Mario and Marco Cassin co-founded Beleaf s.a.m. company just one year ago (incorporated in Monaco on January 2011).
Mario Cassin experience in wood and veneer business is a lifetime long, since he has been working in the veneer business since he was a boy.

He is chairman of Tout Bois s.a.m. too, the family company, specialized in wood industry for three generations.
Toutbois' core business is to find and sell more than 200 species of wood and veneer coming from all over the world.

The new adventure of Beleaf starts from the know how that they have earned in more than 40 years and from the continuous search of new eco-friendly solutions. It has been a first sight love between them and Beleaf products in which they have always "believed".
Today, after four years, they have put together a great team of professionals and suppliers that can ensure the highest quality standards of Beleaf.